Flora and Fauna

False Vampires

True bats of the world

The Pipistrelle, Barbastelle
Bumblebee and Bulldog Bats
The Dog-faced, Hog-faced
Mouse-eared and Rat-tailed
Club-footed, Hare-lipped
Lump-nosed and Bent-winged
The Fig-eating, Tent-building
Natterers and Grabflatterer Bats.

The Whiskered Bat, Moustached Bat
Shaggy-haired, Hairy-legged
Lappet-eared and Hammer-headed;
The Sucker-footed, Hollow-faced
Tube-nosed, Funnel-eared
Lobe-lipped, Thumbless
Wing-gland and Clinging Bats.

The Bonneted Bat, the Domed-palate Mastiff
The Sword-nosed, Spear-nosed
Slit-faced, Notch-eared and Groove-lipped;
The Silver-haired, Wrinkle-faced
White-lined and Horny-skinned
The Tomb Bat, Ghost Bat
And predictably pasty Pallid Bat.

The Heart-nosed False Vampire
And Greater Naked-backed Bats;
The Long-fingered, Thick-thumbed
Big-lipped and Broad-winged
Little-collared, Dwarf Epauletted,
Flower-faced, and Leaf-chinned.

© Germander Speedwell July 2008 (2008 being Year of the Bat!)

These are all names of bat species from around the world. Many have bizarre facial shapes and appendages,
and are genuinely deserving of their curious names. The False Vampire family of bats are so-named from their grotesque appearance which inspired the image of the vampire in fiction, however this group of bats are not true vampires but merely insect and invertebrate eaters.


The Giant Spear-Nosed Bat

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